Kokua Cars

Donate your used car!

We provide professional and prompt service with a fast and easy donation process!

We will pick up your car donation, running or not, when it's most convenient for you.

You receive the maximum possible charitable tax deduction for your vehicle donation.

Avoid the hassle of selling your car, posting ads, numerous phone calls, and time-consuming meetings.

Proceeds of the vehicle sale directly fuel the work and ministry of Youth for Christ Hawaii.

What is the vehicle donation process?

1) Make your vehicle donation online or give us a call at (808) 946-1300

2) YFC will contact you within a day or two to discuss your car donation. Once the car is accepted, we will make plans to pick-up your car, free of charge for you! You may also drop-off the vehicle at our offices.

3) We will provide instructions for processing the vehicle’s title.

4) After your vehicle is sold, we will send you an acknowledgement letter providing the vehicle sale information. This letter may be used as a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

What if my vehicle is not running?

We are able to accept most cars, running or not, as long as sale price is more than than the processing and towing fees. To find out if we can accept the donation, please fill out our donation form or call us at 946-1300.

Can you pick up my car from my house?

Once your car has been accepted, we can arrange for pick-up or towing by a licensed company at a convenient time for you. We will pick up your car within 24 to 48 hours of approval.

What documents do you need for donation?

Vehicle registration and safety check. If you are missing either document, please contact us for further direction.

How much of a tax deduction will I receive?

The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of:

a) The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value.

b) The amount we sell your vehicle for - if it is more than $500.

Youth for Christ Hawaii  is a classified 501(c)(3) charity organization. For a more detailed overview the IRS publishes a Donors Guide to Car Donation.